Yoga asanas to feel refreshed and energised

By: John Derric

a celebrity yoga expert, listed five yoga asanas that, she said, will work on the entire body and leave one feeling “refreshed and energised.”


Vrikshasana It is also known as the ‘Tree Pose’. Since this posture involves leg balance, it is advised to perform it near a wall, so one can reach for the wall and avoid falling to the ground in case of losing balance.



Baddhakonasana Also known as the Bound Angle Pose,

in this posture the legs form an angle bound by the hands. People who have a knee injury, groin ailments, lower back or disc issues and sciatica should avoid practicing this asana.


Parivrtta Sukhasana It is a simple beginner seated pose with a twist

which is believed to open the manipura chakra that is associated with boosting self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. 

Naukasana As the name suggests, the body takes the shape of a boat,

helps increase blood circulation and maintain blood sugar levels.

Viparita Karani The root terms Viparita Karani means the ‘action of reversing.’

The inversion posture should be avoided if you have high blood pressure, heart disease problems and thyroid disorders.

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