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quit smoking to be beautiful heres how

Smoking can make you look ugly in numerous ways. It affects your internal organs like the heart and lungs but it has a great impact on your external appearance. It can make you look old before your time.


It damages your gums and leads to hair loss. These few changes can alter your appearance forever.


Smoking makes your blood vessels become more narrow, decreasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin.


It can also reduce collagen and elastin, two proteins that keep your skin both firm and elastic.

You may face withdrawal syndrome at first, but stubbing that cigarette can help you stop your aging process.

Wrinkles may take time to disappear, but you can see skin improvement in a short amount of time.


As your skin begins to repair itself, skin cell number will increase. This happens because there is much more blood flow to your skin after quitting smoking.

After you quit smoking blood flow will increase in your cell and make your complexion look less grey and pale. Your skin will also get more nutrients and oxygen, and look brighter.

The final way smoking improves your skin is by reducing the burn between your fingers and preventing skin staining and discoloration.

Skin Cancer, Psoriasis, Acne Inversa, Vasculitis, and Telangiectasia are some of the diseases which can be prevented from happening if you quit cigarettes now.