Melanie Martinez Announces New Album, “PORTALS”

The highly awaited release of Melanie Martinez's third studio album, Portals, coming on March 31st via Atlantic Records, is announced in a beguiling new trailer.  

On Wednesday, Martinez posted the book's title and cover image to social media (Feb 22nd).   

Who was last seen debating whether to enter the light at the seductive end of 2019's critically praised full-length film, K-12? 

The strange egg from which an enigmatic person hatches can now be seen in the exclusive teaser, which was directed by Martinez and is currently streaming online.  

Portals screams death is life is death is life is death is life. A continuous loop. A circle,” Martinez shares

She posted a 12-second sample of a song with the words "back from the grave" last week on Spotify. It is unclear if the clip will be included in the project because it was published without a title or cover art.

At the time of publication, not much was known about Portals, but an upcoming movie is anticipated to include 13 tracks from the album. 

The After School EP, the former Voice contestant's final album, was published in the autumn of 2020. 

Can't-Wait Till I'm Out of K-12 was her final performance during the K–12 period, and it offered supporters one last chance to see an incredible concert production.  

Martinez is conceptualizing her fourth record and a movie, with more information to come.