Cryptoqueen Boyfriend Sent To Prison For Ties With OneCoin Scam

Armenta, the ex-boyfriend of OneCoin creator Ruja Ignatova, has been sentenced to five years in federal prison for money laundering. 

He was initially facing a possible sentence of seven years in jail but his guilty plea resulted in a reduced punishment. 

Armenta laundered $300 million and used the proceeds to purchase luxurious items including a jet plane.

He also violated his agreement with authorities by selling the aircraft and stealing a $5 million check. 

He bribed Mexican entities and gambled funds stolen from OneCoin investors. 

Armenta's lawyer claimed that his client's problems stemmed from his relationship with Ignatova. 

Ignatova allegedly drilled into Armenta's apartment and hired people to surveil him. 

Armenta also bought a bank in Georgia where Ignatova was a customer. 

The defendant asked to serve his sentence in FCI Miami Federal Prison.