By John Doe -

BARACK OBAMA Unveils 2023 Bracket NCAA Tournament in 2023 

Need help filling out your bracket? Well, you can now get a Presidential assist from Barack Obama -- 'cause he just unveiled his 2023 picks  

barack obama  thinks Duke will win it all!!

During the regular season, Duke had a record of 26-8 and placed third in the ACC. 

posted his prediction on his Twitter page Wednesday afternoon, showing he's got a Final Four of Baylor, Duke, Houston and UCLA. 

"It’s the best time of year!" he said while announcing his picks. "My #MarchMadness brackets will get busted soon enough, but here are my picks. Who do you have winning it all?" 

Obama also filled out a women's tournament bracket 

believing South Carolina, Stanford, Virginia Tech and Indiana will advance to the Final Four there 

His champion was S.C.