Unleash Ultimate Rewards in March 2023 with Pet Rift Codes: Pro Game Guides’ Proven Tips


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Anyone who’s ever owned a pet can tell you that they can be quite the investment. Beds, toys, food, and more can suck quite a bit of cash out of your pocket. If someone offered you a little extra cash to care for your pets, you certainly wouldn’t say no.

Luckily, that’s exactly what you can get by using codes in Roblox Pet Rift. Redeeming codes in this game grants you large stockpiles of Diamonds, which you can use to buy more pets or improve the ones you have, as well as Potions for boosting their strength.

While we’re on the subject of pets and codes, there are quite a few pet-themed games available for Roblox, each with codes of their own. These include RoPets, Strong Pet Simulator, Anime Pet Simulator, Collet All Pets, and Pet Gods Simulator. We’ve got code lists for each, so don’t hesitate to indulge if you’d like a head-start!

All Pet Rift Codes List

Updated February 27, 2023

Added a new code!

Pet Rift Codes (Working)

Here are all of the Pet Rift codes that currently yield rewards:

  • 1MILLION — Unlocks: All Boosts (New)
  • 5000LIKES — Unlocks: All Boosts
  • 4000LIKES — Unlocks: Damage Boost
  • 3500Likes — Unlocks: 50 Luck and a Damage Boost
  • 3000LIKES — Unlocks: 2k Diamonds and a Boost
  • SecretModelCode — Unlocks: 10 Luck, Damage, XP Potions, and and 20k Diamonds
  • 2500LIKES — Unlocks: 2k Diamonds and a Boost
  • HYPE — Unlocks: 2k Diamonds
  • RELEASE — Unlocks: 2,500 Diamonds.
  • 1KLIKES — Unlocks: 30,000 Diamonds and two Damage Potions.

Pet Rift Codes (Expired)

These Pet Rift codes are confirmed to be expired and inactive:

  • 500LIKES — Unlocks: 4 Luck Potions

Pet Rift FAQ

Got a common question? We’ve got an answer!

How to Redeem Pet Rift Codes

Redeeming codes in Pet Rift is super simple.

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  1. In Pet Rift, press the button at the bottom-right of the screen to open the menu
  2. Press the button with the picture of a shop stall on it to open the in-game shop
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Shop menu to find a code promo. Click the Redeem button to activate it
  4. Copy and paste a code from above exactly as it is written into the code entry box
  5. Click the redeem button, and you’ll get your reward instantly

How do I Get More Pet Rift Codes?

The developers of Pet Rift regularly release new codes to players as the game grows in popularity. Specifically, they release a new code when the game crosses Like milestones on Roblox’s website, or for major events like when the game first launched. They keep a running record of new and upcoming codes on both the game’s Roblox page and its official Twitter.

Why Aren’t My Pet Rift Codes Working?

The most obvious reason a code wouldn’t be working is that it’s expired. If you’re sure it shouldn’t be expired, though, your instance of the game may be out of date or unconnected from the internet. Make sure your version of Pet Rift is up to date, as outdated files won’t support new codes. On the flip side, if you try to redeem a code right after it’s announced, it might not work. It can take the developers some time to implement new codes after they’re announced so just be patient and come back later.

What is Pet Rift?

Pet Rift is a game that’s all about exploring the world, both on your own and in the company of your wacky and wild pets. Hunt down valuable treasures and money to buy newer and weirder pets, unlock new zones to explore, and earn cool gear for you and your pets.

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